Short Bio

Mark Nybo, known as Nybø, Mark half diminish or Min 7b5, is a Canadian, Vancouver based Multi-instrumentalist playing music spanning a variety of genres. From Electric Bass and Guitar, Drums, Ableton Live, to Classical Indian Music on Sitar, Nybø is a versatile artist exploring pleasing sonic sounds of contemporary music in clubs and festivals to developing conceptual music in an artist residency. He’s an available freelance musical performer, composer and teacher.


Long Bio

Born in and raised in Kamloops, British Columbia, Nybø began his music journey at a young age swerving in and out of music to different areas of life but always coming back to Music. He first started playing guitar at the age of nine where he first learned to read music, with small hands and living in beautiful outdoors he put the guitar down until he was 16 years old. After putting down guitar, he had opportunity to play drums at the age of 10, though again distracted by the amazing wilderness of his home he didn’t sit down seriously until he was 13 years old. Throughout high school Nybø played orchestral percussion in band class, usually stuck to playing xylophone and timpani, being one of the only percussionists who could read music. While getting bits of classical experience on the snare drum and percussion instruments, he would jam out late 1960’s psychedelic blues, punk and metal music on his drum set at home. At 16 he picked up guitar and began learning all the same material he learned on drums. When the 2008 recession hit, Nybø had just bought home studio equipment, with no available jobs he was stuck in his parent’s basement experimenting with recording, teaching himself production. After doing what music was available in Kamloops, his friends involved in Vancouver’s music suggested going from the small town to the big city, Nybø then moved to Vancouver.


At the age of 20, Nybø enrolled at Vancouver Community College’s program to attend full-time, but due to health issues he had to drop classes. While recovering and still in school, he got involved in the local underground scene, helping set up and work in an underground venue and artist studio, deciding to drop out of VCC after one year. After dropping out of VCC, he also got a job as a frontline mental health worker in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, Nybø devoted his time to working in social housing and harm reduction services for 6 years, while being involved in the underground scene. This began a fruitful period of artistic exploration and exposure the varieties of artists. He explored mediums of blowing glass, wood working, visual arts of painting and drawing, as well became a VJ mixing live video for live bands and DJs. In music, Nybø began working with a local music producer, doing session work and performing on Electric Bass and Guitar with various bands in genres of Reggae, Electronic, Funk and R & B. Spanning into other instruments and genres of music, his interests led him to study Tablas in Indian Hindustani Classical Music tradition, eventually leading him to taking up Sitar. Adding icing on the cake to this fruitful period, travelling with exposure to the world became his focus and many of the cultures along the way have ingrained the influence of spanning across different genres musically, including Live PA with Ableton Live. After a hiatus from performance and session work, mostly focusing on social work in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and world travel, Nybø has now returned to study music full-time at Vancouver Community College Electric and Double Bass with a minor focus in Jazz Piano, while continuing to study Sitar at the VSO School of Music.