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NYBØ is a professional up and coming, genre-fluid, multi-instrumentalist musician and artist. From electric bass and guitar, drums, Ableton Live, to sitar. He performs a large array of genres, from Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop, Metal to Indian Music. Always with originality and spontaneity, whether as a professional musician or artist creating original compositions.

Long Bio

A home grown west coaster, NYBØ began his musical journey at 9 years old, first picking up the electric guitar. Though, the alluring drum set and percussion section of his high school band swooped up his instrument focus. During his teen years, NYBØ explored various genres of classical percussion, rock, blues and metal, influenced by the technique of drummers like Buddy Rich and Mitch Mitchel.

Eventually, electric guitar called him back, and at 16 he began the guitar player’s pilgrimage by learning the styles of 172439_10150129739978088_6466150_omusicians like Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. NYBØ had a balanced musical upbringing of self teaching, lessons and band class. In his later teens, NYBØ soaked up the hidden gem of Kamloop’s metal scene, frequenting punk houses and metal shows, while jamming with the local heavy musicians.

By the end of his late teens, NYBØ grew dreads and moved from his small town beginnings in British Columbia, to Vancouver. At 20, NYBØ attended Vancouver Community College’s music program, but his natural music scene instincts drew him to a network of local musicians and artists. He left college to help work in a multi-disciplinary artist studio and venue, a local underground heavy hitter in its time, Submerged Studios.467654_10150785748229747_2013324803_o The studio had no boundaries for genres of music and performance, having shows ranging from Funk, Metal, EDM, to Occupy Vancouver open mic discussions and everything in between. Here, NYBØ experimented in a variety of artistic crafts, such as glassblowing, woodworking, live visual projection mapping and visual art, with many of the local, unique talents Vancouver had to offer. He worked as general staff, while also performing both as a musical artist and VJ for Submerged’s 463242_10150785748129747_1548804518_olegendary artistic, savoury events. This is where NYBØ soaked up Vancouver’s underground EDM and alternative electronic scene.

During that time, alongside music and the arts, NYBØ began his dream to help others. This resulted in the profession as a frontline mental health worker for Portland Hotel Society, also known as PHS. PHS is a non-profit organization providing services to marginalized populations of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. NYBØ fully embraced and applied PHS’ mission to provide service and housing to people regardless of race, colour, cultural background, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and/or mental disability. Taking on the high stress and pressure of the DTES front lines, both in building projects, streets and alleyways.

NYBØ crossed paths with Devon Martin, aka Mr Metro, a Juno award winning artist and musician. 1403352_10152377032469838_1234820271_oMetro employed NYBØ as one of his studio musicians, hired performers and they were both apart of a band collective, called Supernovah Soundwave. During the time in Metro’s studio, The Metro Dome, NYBØ filled in on sessions for both electric bass and guitar, for many of the local Jamaican reggae artists, such as Iranimoo and Zukie Joseph. This is when NYBØ picked up the electric bass. Metro also produced in the styles of Hip Hop, R & B, and Gospel, which NYBØ soaked up.

As the bass player and primary member of Supernovah, NYBØ worked with Metro in the997996_332782670187854_1415226684_n (1) studio to develop set material, both original and covers. From a simple idea, Supernovah grew along with the other members of the band to perform in the Vancouver club scene, like Guilt and Co, to performing in festivals and the surrounding coastal area. Their live sets explored different groove genres, like Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B to Disco, with spontaneous improvised arrangements led by Metro. NYBØ always had the material prepared, while using his creative skill to blend interludes between genres, and improvise in live performances.

During the Supernovah era, NYBØ also performed freelance in a large variety of settings. Acoustic duo with a singer, 296299_563536223681127_482035764_nNeo-Soul bands, live electronic gypsy-balkan bands, improvised electronic groups, to wallpaper gigs and more. NYBØ briefly was apart of the Woods Studio, another underground Vancouver heavy hitter venue. Here, he indulged in the local Jam Band scene.

After an extensive period of both social work and music, NYBØ took a long break, backpacking around the world (also got a majour haircut). Meeting and engaging with a large variety of people, music, art and cultures. Meditating, chanting and living with Buddhist monks, to medicine diets in the Amazon. In one of these adventures, NYBØ attended a workshop with bass icons Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey and Chuck Rainey. Foto 5-18-2014, 11 32 48 AMHere, NYBØ immersed in the valuable life experience and musical Foto 5-18-2014, 11 29 35 AMknowledge of world class musicians, and connected with other incredible musicians attending the camp from all parts of the globe.


And if all these styles of music and artistic experience wasn’t enough, NYBØ began his studies of Sitar in the Indian Classical Music style of Hindustani in 2014. First being 1st Sitar Performanceintroduced to the music by learning Tabla in the previous year. Beginning locally, NYBØ was graced with an amazing opportunity to do a workshop with Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, a world-renown Classical Sitar player from India, in the first month of learning. NYBØ’s innate musicality, with Shahid’s generosity and patience, allowed NYBØ to sit one on one with only a month into playing Sitar. Having a thumbs up from Shahid after the workshop, the desire to learn and master this instrument was cemented.

During his travels, NYBØ has sought out, and is currently learning from, Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan, another renown Sitarist from the Poonchwala Gharana.

Having accomplished performing professionally, as a mainly self-taught musician, in contemporary popular styles of music, NYBØ returned to Vancouver Community College to finish his studies in Jazz and Classical music. Using his professional experience, creativity and organizational skills, NYBØ excelled in theory and performance. So much so, he was given special permission to study Jazz performance, Classical theory, history and composition, all at the same time. NYBØ was then accepted into McGill University’s composition program as a transfer student, both in Classical composition and electric Jazz bass performance.

In 2016, NYBØ was apart of “The Courtyard Commission” artist residency with The Ismaili Centre, in Burnaby, Canada. The commission brought together a group of (50 of 68)Vancouver artists who were invited for a summer creation residency in the Ismaili Centre courtyard. The Ismaili Centre Burnaby courtyard is a unique space for a dynamic collaboration. Designed to bloom in all four seasons, the courtyard is a combination of organic flora and man-made architecture, each deliberately chosen to reflect both the surrounding environment as well as the architectural traditions of Islam. The space was conceived in the spirit of congregation, to foster dialogue, and to inspire peace and contemplation. NYBØ produced and performed electronic material to reflect his experience of the space, in combination (43 of 68)with live Sitar music and projection visual mapping.

Ismaili Mail – “The Courtyard Commission 2016”

As a bassist, NYBØ has opened for acts such as Mother Mother and Jawad Ahmad.

Canada Day 2016 – Victoria, B.C.
Canada Day 2016 – Victoria, B.C.

As a Sitar player, NYBØ has performed for events like weddings, documentary film debuts and private art exhibitions.


As an artist and musician, NYBØ values cultural sharing and connection, done with respect and integrity. He believes art and music are keys to unlocking connection and peace across cultures and humanity. From this transcendence and free flowing creativity art and music provides, NYBØ aims to inspire creativity in all facets of life, especially with humanity’s most challenging struggles.


NYBØ’s musicality has led him to learn diverse musical lineages, such as Reggae traced back to Jamaican origins, Vancouver’s underground EDM and jam band scene, Classical double bass in the Prague School, composition lineage linked to Jean Coulthard, and Sitar in Hindustani Classical traditions.

He is now based in Montreal, Canada.


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