If you were to embody Canadian multiculturalism in an artist, NYBØ is a musical eminent of this diversity. To define this versatility, an art academic friend from Europe dubbed him a “Genre-Fluid” artist. Bassist, guitarist and sitarist, he can perform, compose and produce styles ranging from Jazz, Classical, Fusion, Indian Music, Hip Hop, Reggae, Metal, Latin, Electronic, Funk and Ambient. The love of music and pursuit of boundless, creative expression influences the listener to deepen their experience with genres they love, and open doors to sounds yet to be appreciated. As an artist, NYBØ always finds a way to twist his own sound into these raw and loved musical traditions, with strong rhythmic drive, vocally expressive melodies and a colourful ambiance. All the while taking the listener on a journey to their spirit. As a live performer, he is versed in preparing a well-oiled live set, while jumping on any chance to spontaneously improvise and dive deeper into the present moment.

NYBØ’s artistic upbringing is as diverse as his musicality, both as a self taught, creative artist and traditionally trained musician. On the West Coast, he was exposed to the raw metal and crust punk scene of his hometown, then the deep flow of the North American West Coast modern bass music scene. NYBØ was a founding member of the former infamous Vancouver underground studio, Submerged Studios, a multidisciplinary artist warehouse consisting of music, glassblowing, dance, woodworking, skateboarding and visual arts. Two years in this studio was a playground to explore his creativity in various mediums, with exposure to the milieu of talented, alternative Vancouver artists. He was a resident musician and VJ for the collaborative exhibitions of music and visual arts, performing live visual projections for artists such as The Funk Hunters and Gothtrad. NYBØ also went to play stages small and large on the west coast, performing with JUNO award winning artist Devon Martin AKA Mr. Metro, and opening up for big name artists like Mother Mother and Jawad Ahmad. He has worked as a session musician for many local Vancouver Jamaican artists, specializing in Reggae and Hip Hop, while also recording for Gospel and R&B.

Striving for balance to the creative experience, NYBØ received regimented musical training in Jazz and Classical, both performance (Bass and Piano/Keyboard) and composition. This led to being accepted to McGill University’s music program and a trajectory for a successful academic music career. Though, his travels around the world influenced his decision to continue the individual creative path, especially when visiting Berlin and a Picasso exhibit at Montréal’s Fine Arts Museum. Other development credits are attending workshops and jamming with award winning musicians such as Victor Wooten, Future Man (Roy Wooten), Steve Bailey, Chuck Rainey, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan and Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan. In combination with music, he has worked with Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community as a mental health worker, specializing in marginalized populations struggling with addiction, mental illness and homelessness.

NYBØ is based in Montréal, Canada. Currently, he is a Sitar disciple of Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan, developing material for an album, engaging with Montréal’s vibrant music scene, and working in video game and interactive media development. He is available and eager to collaborate as an artist and contracted performing musician.


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