Mark Mathias Nybø is a sitar player, composer and producer. As a Sitarist he is a disciple of the sitar maestro Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan, specializing in the “Gayaki-ang” (vocal style) of sitar playing in Hindustani Classical Music.

Mark Nybø’s music is both creative and expansive. A well seasoned artist in many genres of music and instruments, he has evolved his artistic focus as a Hindustani classical practitioner and fusion artist, ranging from Trap, Hip Hop, EDM to Jazz. The listener’s soul is enriched by the flavour of his tone and depth. An inherent talent for expression in sound, he can perform and compose many genres of music, and has been dubbed a “Genre-Fluid” artist. A signature sound and expression to call his own, the abled musical appreciator simultaneously feels familiarity and uniqueness. Musically he has traversed a multitude of environments, from the underground warehouses of Vancouver, playing music for ceremonies in Peru, to festival stages. Following in the steps of his guru, Nybø preserves traditional, classical sitar performance and extends the instrument’s beauty with other genres of music.

Mark Mathias Nybø is an initiated disciple of the Poonch Gharana. This gharana extends nine generations into history, primarily as vocalists and later into a lineage of sitarists, including Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan, his father Ustad Mohammad Sharif Khan and grandfather Ustad Rahim Bakhsh Khan. Stylistically, the Poonch Gharana of Sitar playing is related to the Etawah Gharana, as Rahim Baksh was a disciple of Ustad Imdad Khan, one of histories most pivotal sitar players. Nybø has shadowed and toured with Ashraf Sharif Khan in Pakistan and Europe.

Nybø has also attended various workshops and private lessons in Hindustani Classical Music, with artists such as Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan. In this process of traditional training, he has been awarded professional development grants and scholarships from The Canada Council of the Arts, and other organizations.

With other genres of music, Mark Nybø has been mentored by Canada’s Juno award winning, Hip Hop and Reggae legend Devon Martin aka Mr Metro. More education credits include lessons and workshops with artists Rodney Sharman, bass icon Chuck Rainey, Victor Wooten and his brothers such as Futureman. In the past, he has been accepted as a composition student to prestigious institutions such as McGill University. As a performer, he has shared the stage with acts such as Jawad Ahmad and Mother Mother. 

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